27 August 2012


Kimchilandia Chronicles – Chronological recounting of Lonewulf’s great Korean adventure

I knew this is a quite delayed post for my March trip, but I vowed to finish these Kimchilandia entries even if I have to do it inch by inch. :-)

You see, I have started my Masters in June and since then I barely had time to rest. Much less blog. But anyway, here’s another tourist attraction we visited while we were in Jeju Island.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum.

Mr. Ripley with Balinese dancers

Mr. Ripley in few of his countless excursions

The museum is just right across the Teddy Bear Museum 

Hello There!

the welcome lobby

being welcomed by the Ripley’s Trio Band

And then a hologram Mr. Ripley will give you a short greeting (in four different languages!) 

And so, let the test of your belief begin!


Mr Ripley in a car. Read the write up in the next image. 

Tibetan Mastiff

This is a piece wallpaper. But it’s not just an ordinary paper. If I remember correctly, the caption says that during the world war, people were prohibited to print news. Thus, the revolutionists secretly print it at the back of wallpapers.

Of course we took extra interest on this car that is made of golden coins. 

Leprechaun Bait?

Funny story. When I saw this tribal guy here comfortably sitting alone, I rushed towards him and yelled at Shortstride to take a picture of us. Two milliseconds after I sat down, the large moose head moved and made loud grunts. I literally jumped out of the seat, much to Shortstride’s and Arigato’s joy.  /*We love seeing each other in agony - it’s the foundation of our friendship.*/

Anyway, I was truly surprised I thought my soul left my body back there. Sheeesh.

Take 2 (After my 2 buddies got over what happened) 


skeletal model of a mammoth

the tallest guy ever! (is he? I forgot to read the caption)

A horned guy

I heard about this tribe who has this belief that girls with longer necks are considered more beautiful. 

talk about models’ pout

Can you eat your face?

Oh, this one will remind every Filipino of that remarkable Kris Aquino movie that launched her scary movie actress reputation.

Lotus Feet!


No. I assure you Shortstride did not die during the trip. 
The real devil fish

A replica of the man who was punished by putting a lit candle on his head for a long long time. 

A replica of the woman who asked to be buried inside a grandfather clock in their mansion. 

Have you heard about shrunken heads ?

There’s this culture among warring tribes in the Amazon where warriors literally shrink the heads of their 
conquered enemies and carry it around like amulets (or as a sign of bravery?).

These are actual shrunken heads – I read that there was a time that these were auctioned in the West after the World War

Welcome to the torture chambers

I promise you, we were not dead. We were just pretending to be. 

Trying a different look. Nah, didn’t work.

The "eye-popper". Remember this guy from the Believe It Or Not TV show?

The guy who miraculously survived a shark attack 

The guy who miraculously survived after being impaled by a metal pipe. 


Ordinary work of art? Not.

This one’s carved from bread. (I wonder if Rhizopus has grown beneath the artwork.) 

paper dress

John Lennon made of tangled wires

John Lennon made of cassette film

Guess Koreans are huge fans of The Beatles, eh?

Matchstick sculptures

What’s amazing? I know those artists in small stalls in Philippine malls probably could sketch waaaaay better Jesus portraits. But if you take a closer look...

... the portrait is made of the words from the book of St. Mark of the new testament. 

This poster of The Godfather is extraordinary as well 

It is a write up of the movie’s script!

This fake guy here surprises passersby with the flash of his camera. Korean humour? Lol 

Shortstride tinkering a fictional laser gun

Shortstride arrested by a soldier from Star Wars 


Golden C3P0 and Metal Yoda


My turn


Was amazed, befuddled, creeped out, scared, and generally entertained. 

Definitely worth my time and moolah!



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