29 August 2011

THE WITTY BOOK <-- Buy one. Now!

Finally I got my own copy of the "Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang Slumbook Pero Meron Meron Meron!" Notebook/Slumbook.

I know, I know. Sounds high school right? Totally childish. However, it was so funny and charming, and very smart. So who was I to resist?

When I first read about it in Creative Dork's blog, I swore instantly that I'll get myself a copy no matter what.

The book was a product of Witty Will Save The World, the same UP alumni clique who created the novelty planners:

The “I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffeehouse-planner-but-I-got-fat/broke-on-the-10th-frappe” Planner 2010,


Relaks, Puso Lang Yan, Malayo sa Bituka 2011 planner.

This copy I bought for P300 at Backstage, 2F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. If you wish to get one just visit Backstage or look for more accessible shops that sell it. You may confirm the locations with the creators themselves here:

- facebook.com/wittywillsavetheworld
- wittywillsavetheworld@gmail.com
- +639064652191


By the way, last weekend, I met with a couple of college "close friends", Shalu and Ida, who I had a gargantuan rift with back in the campus. I used to dance with these gals, but, uhmm.. yeah.. well it's a long story. So anyway, I met with them this weekend and just spent some time together just like the old days.

This is Shalu. We accompanied her in her cathartic journey called, the hair makeover. =) We visited this neat Korean salon called Tony & Jackey, Market! Market! branch.

the "Before" shot
 I'll tell you a secret. I had a thing for this girl back in the campus. Yeah, another long story. But hey, I don't wanna dig that up. And besides, the woman is happily married now, to another good friend of mine. And they already have a kid.

Cheers to them. =)

the "During" shot - she really looked like a cyborg here, no?
the "After" shot

the "After" shot sans the glasses

Neo - the responsible stylist. He's Korean, yes.


purplegoddess30 said...

bwahaha! is sooo love this slam book. Aliw talga yung Venn diagram na "Relationship Status". At yung Gender.... winnuuuurrrr!!! hahaha. natatawa pa din ako pagnaalala ko. post mo No yung ibang entry tpos let's play "Hulaan Nyo kung Sinong Voodoo ito!" lol

LONEWULF said...

Sige sige ate Chie. hehe.. kaso nakay Joie pa yung book. pag nakuha ko na. :)

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