28 February 2012


I swore I just went there to check if they have the reviewer I was looking for. You see, I have this upcoming exam two weeks from now. I'm pretty confident I'll pass, however, my blocmate who's also taking the exam, said he'll get himself a reviewer just to make sure he won't fail. That got me nervous.

So this evening, after I left the office, I went straight to Fully-Booked in Boni High Street to get meself a good reviewer. After rummaging the shelves of the first, second, and third floors (ooh, there's a Starbucks AND White Hat stores inside the bookstore... Noice!), I was not able to find the reviewer. Then I asked this kind staff if such reviewer exists in the shop, and he led me obligingly to the correct shelf, leaving me shocked to discover that the reviewer costs way more than a thousand bucks!

"Oh no, this is not the right book. Too bad you don't have the reviewer here. *sigh* Maybe they have it in National Bookstore. Ktnxbye!"

I dashed downstairs until I reached the basement (oh, they have a basement!). And it is where I found this.

My secong Gaiman... bwahaha

Yeap. The devil urged me to take it home. Tsk!

I know, I know. I seriously need to start making conscious efforts to restrain myself from buying non-urgent things. More especially now, as I've been trying to save for my Masters degree. And for that cheap cheap car that will help me get to school from the office on time. :(

Anyone knows how to fight impulsiveness?


By the way, I actually went to National Bookstore after that to check if they have a cheaper version of the reviewer, or at least the sample tests. And this is the closest one I saw.

A reviewer for Licensure Exams. Although it has 2 of the 4 topics in my exam, it is not quite the one I was looking for. Wait, it has half the topics I needed, so will it suffice? It costs P258, but could it be worth the bucks? The real thing costs five times! ARGH, I hate conflicting myself. So I'm not buying it.


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