08 September 2011


Yesterday, when I came back in the office, right after I took a two-day vacation leave, I saw this on my desk:

*Psycho tune plays*

Oh noes! The company uniforms are here. *frowns* This means adieu to my favorite dress shirts. And ties. And cardigan. And other preppy look. *frowns*

Couple of months back, our Human Resource department took the bodily measurements of all staff/specialists and any other non-managerial employees, in line with the release of new company uniforms. I was pretty much apathetic towards the idea until yesterday. This ugly letter came with the package:

It was a document that says we SHOULD wear the uniform all the time, no excuses for non-compliance. *frowns*

Four sets of trousers and four barongs (2 each of blue and white)

Well, on the brighter side:

1. The complete set is free.
2. For the first time ever, I'll be wearing barong to work. And..
3. I don't have to spend extra time in the morning to mull over which shirt to wear.


PSG daw oh


Is it just me? Or am I really looking good in these new uniforms? Haha.. I think I'll have to find a good storage for my dress shirts for now. IMMA ROCK THESE NEW OFFICE OUTFITS!


Noni said...

is that bottles of red horse on the background? hehehe

syb said...

piskot ka no! cge ra kog katawa sa imong mga posts! goodbye ties and long sleeves! :P

LONEWULF said...

@Noni - yupyup! but not ours. :) those are the landlady's

@Sybil - hahahaha basaha tanan akong posts ha. human, pagsubscribe! hehe

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